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Dahlia Energy invests in solar power plants dedicated to individual commercial and industrial customers in the Middle East and Africa. Customers enter into a performance based solar power agreement and start producing solar energy without any upfront capital expenditure. The agreement is a long-term contract (10 to 25 years) with performance guarantees on the energy production of the solar plant. There is no capital expense for the customer and no exposure to technical or performance risks of the power plant. The customer pays a monthly solar bill once the solar plant starts generating. The bill is based on the energy produced at the agreed rate.

Our Solutions

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  • Design, build and invest in the solar (+storage) power plant
  • Manage the solar power plant over the entire contract period, performing regular cleaning and parts replacement at no extra cost to the customer
  • Guarantee energy production
  • Transfer ownership to customers at the end of the contract term (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer)


  • Save money with a tariff that is lower than the local utility
  • Preserve your capital with no upfront investment
  • Reliable power via guaranteed energy production
  • Manage long-term electricity costs
  • Focus on and invest in your core business
  • Own the solar plant at the end of the contract term and produce energy for years thereafter (25+ year panel life)
  • Reduce noise and pollution from diesel generators
  • Support your company’s sustainability goals

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